Are you fun of taking pictures? Well that is what we called photography. Photography is the art of creating and picturing images with the use of camera with mounting lens. This lens is responsible for capturing photos in clear with natural effect. The captured images are developed or printed. Photography is helpful in many fields like in business; they use photography for their product promotion and Introduction, for mass media, by the help of photography it is easier to publish efficiently. There are different types of photography; I will present to you the most popular types.

•    Landscape photography is the art of taking pictures from the beautiful scenery and view in nature. While you are visiting in one place and you love to take photos using your digital camera and your subject are natures it means you are a landscape photographer.
•    Next is the wild life photography, it means your subjects in capturing photos are wildlife animals, such in zoo or in the forest. These pictures were commonly published in journals and books.
•    Aerial Photography is the capturing of picture from a higher place, such as plane, balloon, birds and parachutes and sky cappers.
sports photography•    Sports photography is one of the most popular type’s f photography where in the subjects are in sports and actions. In boxing, basketball and other sports event. This photos are commonly published in newspaper and magazine for publication purposes
•    Next is the weeding photography, during your special memorable wedding day, you want collect and keep souvenirs and remembrance of your wedding. That’s why you hired photographers. It is what we called prenuptial photos shot.

Photography has been a big part in our life, through photography we captured the best happenings in our life in very accessible and affordable way, and we keep this as our treasure.