LR26One of the most well-known benefits of lightroom is that its capacity to work and convert JPEG and RAW files. Its flexibility and speed makes it more exciting. In addition, adobe lightroom can edit hundreds and thousands of images in one click. Adobe system decided to create lightroom because they want to help professional photographers with their editing process. Few years ago, photographers needs a lot of time to edit images since they will modify it manually. But now, thanks to lightroom, they can easily release the finest edited image in days.

In this article, we will talk more about how to manage the program and other topics that will make us understand lightroom easily. Moreover, you will learn some ways on how to use presets, organize collections, exporting files, updating presets, remove lightroom setting and other important stuffs about lightroom.

Before we start, let’s try to define lightroom presets first so that others, especially beginners can understand what we’re talking about.

As what we discussed earlier, presets are one of the unique features of adobe lightroom. It is a bundle or collections of filtered images that can be used to one or more images. Adobe system created it to assist professional photographers with their workflow. Moreover, it is a non-destructive program which preserves the original value of the image. Lightroom is an easy to use photo editing tool compared to photoshop since you do not need to invest a lot of time editing images manually. Basically, lightroom presets contains specific style and designs such as sepia, black and white, lomo and etc.

Good thing about this program is that presets are editable and reusable. If you do not have the time to create new presets and you run out of presets to use, you can always download ready to use free lightroom presets online. However, some of the finest presets are sold expensively which is reasonable.  Presets are more convenient than editing it yourself. Moreover, saving presets in other folder can help you organize files. Photographers prefer using lightroom over photoshop because with the program, they can save time, money and effort.

Have you ever felt like you’re running out of ideas to use in your images? Do not confuse yourself by downloading random bundles of presets online. Make sure that you are not downloading crap presets or broken/damage presets. In the next few years, adobe will definitely upgrade its default presets to the collection to make it more convenient and useful for photographers. The bottom line of this article is that lightroom works perfectly well, from editing, exporting, importing to printing and organizing. If you are thinking of sharing your work online, lightroom can also do it for you. It has a feature wherein you can share images online.