4Adobe has created the two of the most brilliant photo editing programs in the industry. However, it confuses people, especially beginners who want to use the best program. They want to know about the real difference between Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.  While both of it works very fine, it still has some differences.  In this article, we will figure out the differences between their features and capabilities as a program.

We are all familiar that Adobe Photoshop is a tool for graphic designs and photo enhancement. Most famous photographers use photoshop to enhance their raw images and to make it more elegant. Let’s have a quick overview about Photoshop.

Photoshop Overview:

According to Wikipedia, “Adobe Photoshop is a raster graphics editor developed and published by Adobe Systems for Windows and OS X.” It was built by Thomas and John Knoll in 1988. Since then, photoshop was known to edit and beautify images.

Photoshop is a pixel based photo editor. It also allows vector graphics editing through its easy-to-use tool: Shape layers, paths, import, shape tools, pen tools and smart object tools.

Photoshop is a tool where you need to edit raw images manually. It requires a lot of time before you can have a perfect image.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Overview:

Lightroom is a photo editing tool and a great digital asset management. It helps photographers in organizing their hundreds and thousands of images in a more organized interface. Lightroom makes the process of photo editing easier compared to photoshop. Also, this tool has the ability to rate, tag and comment images in the catalog section. It simply means that when you use lightroom, there is no need to use the internet browser to find your photos.

Lightroom is mainly focused on these workflow steps:

  • Library
  • Develop
  • Map
  • Book
  • Slideshow
  • Print
  • Web

Adobe Lightroom is an easy-to-use photo enhancement tool which does not require a lot of time and effort since it has the capacity to edit large number of photos in just few clicks. Also, its collection of free lightroom presets makes the editing process easy.