LR22As we all know, Adobe Lightroom contains a lot of features that can help us in our workflow. However, we are too attached in using the program for image editing, we tend to overlook other features such as exporting Lightroom presets. There are several Lightroom tutorials online, but in this article,  we will define and talk about how to use export presets.

What Are Export Presets in Lightroom?

Export presets in Lightroom are the ones who tell the program the boundaries and limitations to follow when exporting images from the library. Just like what develop preset in the develop module, export presets prevents other images and free resume templates for word to be applied with the same adjustments and settings.

To view your current presets you have recently used, follow these instructions:

  • Open Lightroom
  • Go to the library module
  • Choose a photo
  • Click export button
  • A pop up window will appear showing options on how to export which includes the image name, size, watermark options, destination folder
  • You can see your collection of presets by opening file and export with preset.

How To Use Export Presets In Lightroom?

Export presets are pretty amazing as it prevents develop presets from duplicating. Using export preset in Lightroom has been quite easy yet tricky, so you have to understand this tutorial for you to apply export presets properly.

Once you open the program, go to the library module and click export to get the new pop up window. Start at the top of the interface with the export location where you saved your images and choose a new file location for the images. If you want to share and send the images to someone, but you want to make some changes, click on the pull-down Lightroom menu in the interface and start editing. When you’re done modifying the image, go back to the library module, click again the image to be exported, choose another preset and then click export to complete the process.