pic10What is Lightroom?

Before anything else, let’s have a quick overlook of what lightroom is all about. It started in early 2007, when the creator, Adobe System, a very well known company, decided to release another top ranking photo editing tool called lightroom. It is a tool that is intended to assist professional photographers in their workload. Users can also enjoy features like lightroom presets to create a professional resume template.

In this article, we will talk about the three reasons to understand lightroom. Here’s why:

Create Slideshows, Photo Books and more

With adobe lightroom, everything is possible. You can easily create slideshows and photo books anytime you want. With enough creativity skills, you can generate your wonderful creations.

Improved Healing and Cloning Tool

Unlike in Photoshop, lightroom’s spot removal brush tool can be used as both cloning and healing tool. It can remove unwanted spots, wrinkles, lines, blemishes and more by simply dragging and clicking it. In addition to this newly improved tool, users are allowed to change its opacity.

Effortless Watermarking and Exporting Feature

Most people who regularly take pictures everywhere they go post their captured images on the web or on their respective social media accounts and blog sites. Most of them use lightroom to export their files from the library to their sites. Moreover, there are times where they need to add watermarks on their images to signify that they own it.

This feature is also considered the most significant part of lightroom since most photographers want to put a name in the photography industry. They need a tool that can create great watermarks for their images. Luckily, lightroom can deliver the best performance in all aspects.

If you haven’t tried anything about lightroom, maybe now is the time to try and understand why a lot of people loved it. It just don’t help photographers save time and effort, it helps them produce wonderful and stunning images.