How can you support the work of Birmingham Photospace?

Follow this website to keep up to date with events and news
Tell all your friends about the idea of a space for photography in Birmingham
Come to events, enter competititions
Tell us your great ideas, expand the discussion
Donate money!

How can I donate?

You can donate via PayPal, or we will gladly accept cash and cheques in person at our events and meetings. Please make cheques payable to Birmingham Photospace.

Where do donations go?

All donations we receive from supporters go towards publicising Birmingham Photospace, including putting on events to spread the word.

We don’t currently receive any funding for anything we do, so Flashswap was run entirely on donations (thank you!) and our own money. Our portraits event at Artsfest is relying on donations and sponsorship to fund all of our costs, including marketing and publicity in the run up to the event, and all the set up and running costs – from the hire of expensive studio equipment to refreshments for our volunteers – on the day.

Thanks to…

BIG thanks to the following people who have so far pledged their support via donations to Birmingham Photospace:

Sarah Abnett
Pete Ashton
Jane Baker
Jon Bounds
Dave Briggs
Carlos Campbell
Mary Costello
George Daley
Matthew Evans
Richard Gill
Betty Haglund
Paul Hocking
Richard Kaye
Darren O’Donnell
Martin Pickard
Ian Reynolds
Suzanne Stahl
Rhonda Wilson