One of the most popular things you will hear about Adobe Lightroom is its amazing collection of presets. It is important to note that there are two sets of Lightroom Presets available: those that come with Adobe Lightroom and those that are developed by designers and developers for sale or for free distribution. Although the Lightroom presets that come with Lightroom are often sufficient of you need a few adjustments here and there and do not create a huge number of images and photographs. If you feel the need to flex your creativity muscles, then Lightroom presets are for you.

The choice of what presets to use is often dictated by the needs of the user as well as a number of other things. The first one of these is the quality of the top ten action cameras presets available under each umbrella. I am in no way saying that the Presets that come with Adobe Lightroom are in no way of stellar qualities but it is true that the presets created by individuals are often of better quality. This is because the are meticulously created to serve special specialized functions while the presets that come with Lightroom feel like general-application preset.

The second difference is obviously cost. Some of the best presets in the market will set you back a few hundred dollars especially if they are created by well known and famous designers or photographers. Apart from the cost of the software, there are no other costs associated with the Lightroom presets that come with Adobe Lightroom.

This is a point that you are going to appreciate especially if you do a wide range of different types of photography. Premium presets offer a wider range of diverse presets than what Lightroom itself offers. This is because of the sheer number of designed and photographers looking for this dynamic and wide range of Lightroom presets. In the software itself, you will find a few presets but on the internet, there millions of presets that are yours for the picking.


If you use Lightroom presets all the time, then it stands to reason that you need support from time to time. Maybe you need to know what types of photographs your presets will work on. Maybe you need to know if the presets you have can be edited to create your own. These are questions that you can find answers to pretty easily if the presets that you bought come with the option of getting support when you need it. The presets included in Adobe Lightroom do not come with such an option but some of the ones you buy do come with that option. This is a pretty good reason for you to use premium Lightroom Presets in addition to the ones that come with the software itself.