aug1At some point in their career, photographers want to take a very good portrait shot. Other people might think of portrait images as documentary, holiday, family or whatever they call it. But the thing here is, when a photo has a person in it, it’s called portrait photography.

Taking pictures with a human subject can be a little tricky since it photographers needs to adjust with their current emotions. Photographers need to have a lot of strong ideas on how to manage their subjects.  Here are more tips on how to use lightroom presets for portraits. Moreover, these tips are similar in the process of how to use photoshop actions.

In this article, we will talk about how to make a good portrait as well to avoid doing mistakes in shooting portrait photography.

Avoid Shooting Widely

Wide angle lenses can indeed produce a lot of good images, but only few of it will be favorable to the subjects. Using wide angle lenses will make nearby subjects look disproportional and bigger. This means that the subjects in the image will have big eyes, nose, face, fading chin and more.

Experts recommend photographers to avoid wide lenses to have a good portrait shot. It is better to shoot from a meter away and use a lengthier lens as this will help in detecting relative facial features.

One of the most effective focal length for an environmental portrait is 40-50mm or wider if possible. For beginners, it is best to use 70mm to shot a head to shoulders subject.

Moreover, it is best to remember that 50-70mm lenses are relative to make an excellent portrait shot. A lot of people get confuse to it since for them, taking photography is only for fun and a hobby.

Professional photographer knows that using longer photo lenses will work perfectly in taking portrait images as they don’t need to stand a little longer from the subject. Using it has a lot of advantages and disadvantages; it is only up to them on how to use them.