Introducing the Best Drones for 2016

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  • Choosing the right type of tools for your photos and videos after reading a review
  • The best drones for 2016 only at cameradojo.com

It is always an advantage to be able to read reviews about the latest in photography gadgets. Aside from the information that you can get out of reading these reviews, you are also given some tips on how to maneuver these tools, in particular with these action cameras.


Cameradojo has published its annual or even bi-monthly list of the best drones online. These drone reviews 2016 at cameradojo takes you on a journey, a complete journey, nonetheless, so that you are better prepared before cashing in on this equipment.

Cameradojo has this list of experts that would tell you which among these drones best suits your style or personality. These experts will show you the pros and cons of a particular gadget, the price tags of these sophisticated tools, and even the stories behind each action camera, so you can have a better, comprehensive view before choosing your desired drone.

So these drone reviews 2016 at cameradojo is the best there is when it comes to assessing a specific action camera. It is so vital, though, to read these reviews, because as upstarts, you need to be acquainted with its features, how to use them in a given scene. That’s the one advantage you can get as soon as you read these drone reviews 2016 at cameradojo.

There’s a host of new gadgets had been introduced already since the start of the year, and if you can catch the latest of these equipment, that should give your photography the necessary boost.

It pays to have these drone reviews 2016 at cameradojo. Every new item that comes out in the market, Cameradojo has its corresponding take to it. Now that’s taking photography to the next level. For more of these drones, just click this link, http://cameradojo.com/Best-drones-with-cameras-reviewed.


Checking Out these Workflow Performance from Sleeklens

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  • Getting a glimpse of the latest solutions in photo editing through workflow performance

Sometimes, you have to consider the performance also of a particular product, especially with photography. Since much of what goes on in photography has something to do with performance, like how well you edit your images, what gadgets did you use, then checking Sleeklens workflow performance should be habit from now on.


Workflows are solutions or basically steps for you to achieve that kind of maximum enhancement when editing your photos. If you’re looking for that fast, efficient and smooth flow of editing, checking Sleeklens workflows performance should be your first stop. Don’t go deep yet with your photo editing unless you check out these workflow reviews.

You won’t know the performance level of your tools if you’re not checking Sleeklens workflow performance right from the start. It is so important that you check them out as soon as you have this review with you, so that you can measure the extent of your enhancement and bring out the beauty of your images.

Assessing workflow performances enables you to choose which among these systems and solutions you need to use for your photos. This will save you time and resources in the event of tinkering on your photographs. Without giving heed of these workflow performances, however, you’ll end up wasting your resources as you produce mediocre photos in the process.

You are at an advantage already if you’re checking Sleeklens workflow performance as a form of warm up before editing your images. Your viewers and clients might construe it as a trick that you’ve been able to achieve that kind of effect on your photos, but the difference lies in checking Sleeklens workflow performance right from the start.


Wedding Bells with Lightroom Presets


  • Presets to download for your wedding pictures
  • Using presets for lightroom to enhance your “I do” pics
  • Perfect tools to use for that perfect wedding

You don’t want to look bad on your wedding photos. On the contrary, you want to look great all the time. Nevertheless, wedding pictures are so special that you always wanted to enhance them with the best available tools online. As in the case of these lightroom wedding presets.


Wedding pictures are for a lifetime. So it is important to enhance them with tools that preserve the memories attached to these images. And what better way to do that than with these lightroom wedding presets.

There are other tools you can download online, but lightroom has this edge over them, that is, diversity. Since there are over 100 wedding presets you can download through lightroom, it is already a given fact that you can transform, enhance, improve, and even adjust your wedding pics in so many ways.

You can incorporate that vintage effect on your wedding photos, or that black and white mode, or even that retro feel, so that your viewers will be able to appreciate your wedding pics in an uncanny yet artsy fashion.

And you can’t certainly do that apart from these lightroom wedding presets.

There’s no shortcut really when enhancing your wedding pics, but there are tools that you can download anytime, courtesy of these lightroom wedding presets.

The wedding celebration isn’t over yet even if you have said your “I do’s”, it is, in fact, just starting as soon as you incorporate these lightroom wedding presets to your photos. And mind you, you can even enhance your honeymoon pics afterwards. Talk about giving your wedding day the celebration it deserves by producing beautiful and stunning images in the process.


Improving Your Outdoor Scenes with Sleeklens

  • Creating beautiful landscape scenes via Sleeklens
  • Reviews to live by, courtesy of Sleeklens’ workflow review of landscapes
  • Becoming a capable landscape photographer with Sleeklens

Landscape photography is not as easy as you thought it would, and it is something most photographers are serious about it. Some, in fact, study landscape photography for years, trying to perfect or at least improve the kind of photography that we are accustomed to. But that all changed when Sleeklens came into the picture.


Once Sleeklens burst onto the landscape scene, outdoor photos are never the same again. And since introducing that landscape workflow review, most of these landscapes that are enhanced with Sleeklens are now gaining ground as the scenes to beat when it comes to outdoor scenes.

That’s the beauty of Sleeklens as far as landscapes are concerned. These workflow reviews allow those who want to improve their outdoor pictures to edit it in a way that suits their style, something that they can’t have with that old-fashioned way of editing.

So make it habit to have this Sleeklens landscape workflow review right now. It makes sense to read these reviews, in the first place, because you’ll learn techniques, tricks, and even methods on how to edit or enhance a particular landscape that will bring out its natural beauty.

You don’t need to worry anymore about how to deal with your landscapes because this Sleeklens landscape workflow review will take care of it. You would notice even that as soon as you instill what you have learned from these reviews you can now edit your images the way professional do.

Yes, landscape photography is not that easy as you thought it would be, but with some help from this Sleeklens landscape workflow review, you’ll have that stunning landscape scene in no time.


Your Slick Photos with Sleeklens


  • Rich collection of presets to use from Sleeklens
  • Cool presets perfect for your portraits
  • Edit photos the way designers do with their pictures

If you are thinking of using Lightroom for your photos, that would be good. And if you are considering this collection of presets from Sleeklens, that is even better. These Sleeklens Lightroom presets, nonetheless, is the way to go for the enhancement of your photos.

Sleeklens offers you the best possible solutions for your photos. Let us take a closer look, though, at some of these presets and see why more and more people are using it for their photos.

Creative and Alternative Wedding Photographers Northern Ireland
Creative and Alternative Wedding Photographers Northern Ireland
  • Portrait Essentials – Sleeklens has the best collection of presets for portraits such as Chasing Light and Strike a Pose. So varied is its collection of portrait presets that it comes in bundles, where you can choose from its list what type of preset appropriate for your specific image.
  • Landscape Essentials – Another of these Sleeklens Lightroom presets that has made many photographers becoming Sleeklens fanatic. Sleeklens offers a wide-ranging collection of presets suitable for your landscape scenes that will make your images masterpieces in their own right.
  • Complete Brush Collection – For a more detailed enhancement, Sleeklens has its brush collection in order for you to make intricate adjustments to your photo without altering its original image. This is the collection that designers dig the most for their equally intricate editing of photos on their magazines and online pages.
  • Complete Presets Collection – With over 900 quality presets to choose from, it would be quite impossible not to create ultimately that desired effect you want with your photos.

You need not seek the help of a professional photographer anymore when editing your photos. All you need to do really is to scour that appropriate preset or collection for your photos.

Bring out that photographer or artist in you with these Sleeklens Lightroom presets, and marvel at the effect it has on your viewers, the kind of effect that enriches your life as well.


What Can You Get From Lightroom?

We are all aware about the wonders of Lightroom, for being one of the best and finest photo enhancement programs in the industry today. Last October, Adobe system has finally decided to release their latest upgrade of Lightroom; Lightroom 6.3.


With Lightroom 6.3, users will continue to enjoy Lightroom’s unique feature. However, to make it more efficient, Adobe decided to enhance and improve some of their services:

  1. Panorama and HDR merge
  2. Facial recognition
  3. Import and export features
  4. Speed

I do believe that users, especially photographers will enjoy the newly improved Lightroom 6.3. Aside from helping them save a lot of time in editing, the program will also help them produce high quality images for their clients.

While other photo editing tools have their own unique features, Lightroom also offer several unique editing tools such as best lightroom presets, RAW and Jpeg compatibility and more. In addition, users can explore the HDR and panorama merge, slideshow creation and the advanced healing and spot tool.

Most photographers are also using third-party downloadable presets for their images. They look for more great and useful presets online like in Pinterest to get high-quality best Lightroom presets.

Adobe Lightroom 6.3 is faster, reliable and efficient than the previous version which gained a lot of negative feedback and complaints. The good thing about the company is that they know how to listen to the needs of their clients.


Adobe Lightroom Useful Keys

If you’re using Adobe Lightroom for quite a white now, you might notice that there are a lot of ways to simplify the editing process. Moreover, you also know that I am referring to the keys and shortcuts available in the program. Adobe Lightroom is known to be the most useful and effective post-processing tool in the market today. Its goal is to provide great assistance to photographers with their workload. The program has the ability to organize, modify and print hundreds and even thousands of images at once. Since its launch in 2007, a lot of people have decided to switch from Photoshop to Lightroom because they know that it can give them more time in taking pictures instead of modifying images manually.

122In this article, we will talk about how to use shortcuts and other important keys in the program. These shortcuts will help you in doing the tasks faster and will you save time in the editing process. Basically, Adobe Lightroom contains a lot of shortcuts and most of it are already visible on the interface. This article will teach you the easiest shortcuts that are not listed in the program.

Here are the three shortcut features that you need to know and understand:

Straightening Tool Shortcut

For those of you who want to go straight onto the tool, all you need to do is to hold down the control or the Ctrl key and drag the line and cursor anywhere.

Slider Shortcut

To move Lightroom sliders, you only need to control the four arrow keys on your keyboard to control the slider up, down, and sideways and hold down the ALT keys to go to other sliders.

Edit Slideshow Shortcut

In order for you to view images a little bit faster, you have to go to the grid view mode and pick the images that you would want to see. Hold both the Crtl and Enter key to start the slideshow mode.



Lightroom Tutorial: Exporting Images In Lightroom

LR22As we all know, Adobe Lightroom contains a lot of features that can help us in our workflow. However, we are too attached in using the program for image editing, we tend to overlook other features such as exporting Lightroom presets. There are several Lightroom tutorials online, but in this article,  we will define and talk about how to use export presets.

What Are Export Presets in Lightroom?

Export presets in Lightroom are the ones who tell the program the boundaries and limitations to follow when exporting images from the library. Just like what develop preset in the develop module, export presets prevents other images and free resume templates for word to be applied with the same adjustments and settings.

To view your current presets you have recently used, follow these instructions:

  • Open Lightroom
  • Go to the library module
  • Choose a photo
  • Click export button
  • A pop up window will appear showing options on how to export which includes the image name, size, watermark options, destination folder
  • You can see your collection of presets by opening file and export with preset.

How To Use Export Presets In Lightroom?

Export presets are pretty amazing as it prevents develop presets from duplicating. Using export preset in Lightroom has been quite easy yet tricky, so you have to understand this tutorial for you to apply export presets properly.

Once you open the program, go to the library module and click export to get the new pop up window. Start at the top of the interface with the export location where you saved your images and choose a new file location for the images. If you want to share and send the images to someone, but you want to make some changes, click on the pull-down Lightroom menu in the interface and start editing. When you’re done modifying the image, go back to the library module, click again the image to be exported, choose another preset and then click export to complete the process.


Stock Presets Vs Premium Presets

One of the most popular things you will hear about Adobe Lightroom is its amazing collection of presets. It is important to note that there are two sets of Lightroom Presets available: those that come with Adobe Lightroom and those that are developed by designers and developers for sale or for free distribution. Although the Lightroom presets that come with Lightroom are often sufficient of you need a few adjustments here and there and do not create a huge number of images and photographs. If you feel the need to flex your creativity muscles, then Lightroom presets are for you.

The choice of what presets to use is often dictated by the needs of the user as well as a number of other things. The first one of these is the quality of the top ten action cameras presets available under each umbrella. I am in no way saying that the Presets that come with Adobe Lightroom are in no way of stellar qualities but it is true that the presets created by individuals are often of better quality. This is because the are meticulously created to serve special specialized functions while the presets that come with Lightroom feel like general-application preset.

The second difference is obviously cost. Some of the best presets in the market will set you back a few hundred dollars especially if they are created by well known and famous designers or photographers. Apart from the cost of the software, there are no other costs associated with the Lightroom presets that come with Adobe Lightroom.

This is a point that you are going to appreciate especially if you do a wide range of different types of photography. Premium presets offer a wider range of diverse presets than what Lightroom itself offers. This is because of the sheer number of designed and photographers looking for this dynamic and wide range of Lightroom presets. In the software itself, you will find a few presets but on the internet, there millions of presets that are yours for the picking.


If you use Lightroom presets all the time, then it stands to reason that you need support from time to time. Maybe you need to know what types of photographs your presets will work on. Maybe you need to know if the presets you have can be edited to create your own. These are questions that you can find answers to pretty easily if the presets that you bought come with the option of getting support when you need it. The presets included in Adobe Lightroom do not come with such an option but some of the ones you buy do come with that option. This is a pretty good reason for you to use premium Lightroom Presets in addition to the ones that come with the software itself.


Three Reasons To Understand Lightroom

pic10What is Lightroom?

Before anything else, let’s have a quick overlook of what lightroom is all about. It started in early 2007, when the creator, Adobe System, a very well known company, decided to release another top ranking photo editing tool called lightroom. It is a tool that is intended to assist professional photographers in their workload. Users can also enjoy features like lightroom presets to create a professional resume template.

In this article, we will talk about the three reasons to understand lightroom. Here’s why:

Create Slideshows, Photo Books and more

With adobe lightroom, everything is possible. You can easily create slideshows and photo books anytime you want. With enough creativity skills, you can generate your wonderful creations.

Improved Healing and Cloning Tool

Unlike in Photoshop, lightroom’s spot removal brush tool can be used as both cloning and healing tool. It can remove unwanted spots, wrinkles, lines, blemishes and more by simply dragging and clicking it. In addition to this newly improved tool, users are allowed to change its opacity.

Effortless Watermarking and Exporting Feature

Most people who regularly take pictures everywhere they go post their captured images on the web or on their respective social media accounts and blog sites. Most of them use lightroom to export their files from the library to their sites. Moreover, there are times where they need to add watermarks on their images to signify that they own it.

This feature is also considered the most significant part of lightroom since most photographers want to put a name in the photography industry. They need a tool that can create great watermarks for their images. Luckily, lightroom can deliver the best performance in all aspects.

If you haven’t tried anything about lightroom, maybe now is the time to try and understand why a lot of people loved it. It just don’t help photographers save time and effort, it helps them produce wonderful and stunning images.



How To Make Good Portrait Images

aug1At some point in their career, photographers want to take a very good portrait shot. Other people might think of portrait images as documentary, holiday, family or whatever they call it. But the thing here is, when a photo has a person in it, it’s called portrait photography.

Taking pictures with a human subject can be a little tricky since it photographers needs to adjust with their current emotions. Photographers need to have a lot of strong ideas on how to manage their subjects.  Here are more tips on how to use lightroom presets for portraits. Moreover, these tips are similar in the process of how to use photoshop actions.

In this article, we will talk about how to make a good portrait as well to avoid doing mistakes in shooting portrait photography.

Avoid Shooting Widely

Wide angle lenses can indeed produce a lot of good images, but only few of it will be favorable to the subjects. Using wide angle lenses will make nearby subjects look disproportional and bigger. This means that the subjects in the image will have big eyes, nose, face, fading chin and more.

Experts recommend photographers to avoid wide lenses to have a good portrait shot. It is better to shoot from a meter away and use a lengthier lens as this will help in detecting relative facial features.

One of the most effective focal length for an environmental portrait is 40-50mm or wider if possible. For beginners, it is best to use 70mm to shot a head to shoulders subject.

Moreover, it is best to remember that 50-70mm lenses are relative to make an excellent portrait shot. A lot of people get confuse to it since for them, taking photography is only for fun and a hobby.

Professional photographer knows that using longer photo lenses will work perfectly in taking portrait images as they don’t need to stand a little longer from the subject. Using it has a lot of advantages and disadvantages; it is only up to them on how to use them.




Understanding Adobe Lightroom

LR26One of the most well-known benefits of lightroom is that its capacity to work and convert JPEG and RAW files. Its flexibility and speed makes it more exciting. In addition, adobe lightroom can edit hundreds and thousands of images in one click. Adobe system decided to create lightroom because they want to help professional photographers with their editing process. Few years ago, photographers needs a lot of time to edit images since they will modify it manually. But now, thanks to lightroom, they can easily release the finest edited image in days.

In this article, we will talk more about how to manage the program and other topics that will make us understand lightroom easily. Moreover, you will learn some ways on how to use presets, organize collections, exporting files, updating presets, remove lightroom setting and other important stuffs about lightroom.

Before we start, let’s try to define lightroom presets first so that others, especially beginners can understand what we’re talking about.

As what we discussed earlier, presets are one of the unique features of adobe lightroom. It is a bundle or collections of filtered images that can be used to one or more images. Adobe system created it to assist professional photographers with their workflow. Moreover, it is a non-destructive program which preserves the original value of the image. Lightroom is an easy to use photo editing tool compared to photoshop since you do not need to invest a lot of time editing images manually. Basically, lightroom presets contains specific style and designs such as sepia, black and white, lomo and etc.

Good thing about this program is that presets are editable and reusable. If you do not have the time to create new presets and you run out of presets to use, you can always download ready to use free lightroom presets online. However, some of the finest presets are sold expensively which is reasonable.  Presets are more convenient than editing it yourself. Moreover, saving presets in other folder can help you organize files. Photographers prefer using lightroom over photoshop because with the program, they can save time, money and effort.

Have you ever felt like you’re running out of ideas to use in your images? Do not confuse yourself by downloading random bundles of presets online. Make sure that you are not downloading crap presets or broken/damage presets. In the next few years, adobe will definitely upgrade its default presets to the collection to make it more convenient and useful for photographers. The bottom line of this article is that lightroom works perfectly well, from editing, exporting, importing to printing and organizing. If you are thinking of sharing your work online, lightroom can also do it for you. It has a feature wherein you can share images online.


Advantages Of Using Lightroom

lightoom3From the time when Adobe system released their first version of Adobe Photoshop, they also have beein consistent in building great photo editing tools to help professional photographers with their workflow. Every individual who is interested in photography knows that Photoshop is essential in making presentable and beautiful images.

But, in 2007, Adobe released another set of photo editing tool called Lightroom which contains “lightroom presets”, it is a tool that is built to help professional photographers edit and organize their images easily. In addition to its uniqueness, lightroom also has the capacity to edit large numbers of images in just a few clicks.

Photoshop and Lightroom really don’t have any differences. However, according to most adobe users, they prefer using lightroom because it is an easy to use tool and has the ability to organize, convert, and edit images easily.

On the other hand, there are still some who stayed in using Adobe Photoshop since they want to customize their images manually and perfectly.

The question here is what are the advantages of using Adobe Lightroom? Basically, there is no need to explain further about its benefits since we have already discussed some of it above. But for those beginners who want to know more about lightroom, this article is for you.

Adobe Lightroom has only two advanges: It saves time, effort and money. Second, it makes the photo editing process lighter and faster compared to using Adobe Photoshop.

The following itemized below are some of the advantages of using lightroom:

  • Easy to use interface
  • Easy photo editing method
  • Has Copy and Paste features
  • Appropriate for beginners
  • Effective
  • Saves time and effort
  • User friendly
  • Create high-quality images
  • Converts JPEG and RAW files
  • Edit huge amounts of images in few clicks


If you want to know more about lightroom, visit www.lightroom.com.br/.



The Difference Between Photoshop and Lightroom

4Adobe has created the two of the most brilliant photo editing programs in the industry. However, it confuses people, especially beginners who want to use the best program. They want to know about the real difference between Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.  While both of it works very fine, it still has some differences.  In this article, we will figure out the differences between their features and capabilities as a program.

We are all familiar that Adobe Photoshop is a tool for graphic designs and photo enhancement. Most famous photographers use photoshop to enhance their raw images and to make it more elegant. Let’s have a quick overview about Photoshop.

Photoshop Overview:

According to Wikipedia, “Adobe Photoshop is a raster graphics editor developed and published by Adobe Systems for Windows and OS X.” It was built by Thomas and John Knoll in 1988. Since then, photoshop was known to edit and beautify images.

Photoshop is a pixel based photo editor. It also allows vector graphics editing through its easy-to-use tool: Shape layers, paths, import, shape tools, pen tools and smart object tools.

Photoshop is a tool where you need to edit raw images manually. It requires a lot of time before you can have a perfect image.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Overview:

Lightroom is a photo editing tool and a great digital asset management. It helps photographers in organizing their hundreds and thousands of images in a more organized interface. Lightroom makes the process of photo editing easier compared to photoshop. Also, this tool has the ability to rate, tag and comment images in the catalog section. It simply means that when you use lightroom, there is no need to use the internet browser to find your photos.

Lightroom is mainly focused on these workflow steps:

  • Library
  • Develop
  • Map
  • Book
  • Slideshow
  • Print
  • Web

Adobe Lightroom is an easy-to-use photo enhancement tool which does not require a lot of time and effort since it has the capacity to edit large number of photos in just few clicks. Also, its collection of free lightroom presets makes the editing process easy.


Get More Out Of Adobe Lightroom With Smart Presets

Adobe has been the industry leader in image manipulation for decades. Today, they’re pushing Adobe Lightroom as one of their flagship programs alongside veterans like Photoshop and Illustrator. How can Lightroom help you? Through the magic of preset for your images!

Lightroom Explained

Sleeklens Lightroom Presets is Adobe’s lightweight solution for professional photographers and other image buffs who have to edit, organize, and work with large numbers of pictures. It’s not a file-management system (that would be Adobe Bridge) and it’s not a full-on image editor, (that would be the venerable Adobe Photoshop) but it still plays a vital role. It allows quick and easy manipulation of tons of image-wide variables like brightness, contrast, color balance, sharpening, and lens correction. Here’s a guide on how to install adobe lightroom:

The Advantages Of Replicating Your Work

With all of the options Lightroom offers, it’s easy to burn minutes (or even hours!) tinkering with the effects you can apply to a photo. In order to use the software efficiently, though, it should speed you up rather than slow you down. That’s why all of Lightroom’s non-destructive settings can be saved as a “preset” and automatically applied to any number of photos. By picking out and saving the settings that give you the perfect look and compensate for the cameras you use, you can apply the the same adjustments to an endless number of photos almost instantly.

How The Preset System Works

Presets live on the left-hand side of the screen, and Lightroom comes stocked with tons of great ones. Making your own is quite easy. First, modify all of the image settings to create the ideal effect. Then you just click the “+” button next to the word “Preset.” This brings you to the preset creation screen. Here you can include or exclude any of your changes based on their general category. This means you can create presets on the fly and leave out any image-specific work you’ve done. Now if you are looking for Lightroom Portrait Presets such as the ones featured over at infoparrot.com then make sure to take a look. This is also a great way for you to learn and try out different settings before committing to buying a big package.

Here is a good example:

lightroom presets for portaits

Gathering New Presets

Besides speeding up your workflow, presets also make it incredibly easy to transport and share your settings. Each preset becomes a separate setting file (with the *.lrtemplate extension) that can be imported or exported at will. That means you can find an endless array of ready-made presets online and share your own with friends, too! Exploring the world of presets will help make you more creative and really expand your understanding of just what Adobe Lightshop is capable of.

Organizing Your Presets

This is an important warning! Although creating presets is super-fast, you shouldn’t zoom through the process without giving any thought to naming and organizing your presets. If you find the preset system at all useful, you’ll likely accumulate dozens (if not hundreds!) of presets in addition to Adobe’s pre-mixed versions. How easy is it going to be to sort through a hundred different presets if they all have names like “awesome color?” Make your preset names descriptive so you can recognize them at a glance. Also, remember that Lightroom has an excellent organizational system; right-clicking on the preset list will allow you to create a subfolder to group similar presets as you create or import them.

Hopefully, you’re ready to fire up lightroom and start exploring the possibilities of presets yourself. Don’t be afraid to create, delete, and tweak them to your heart’s content. When you have a solid library of great presets, improving your pictures is a matter of clicking one button instead of dozens of them!