Reviewing the Sony Action Cam AS100V

  • Have you ever thought of having your own GoPro camera?
  • The Sony Action Camera HDR-AS100V is the latest invention of the company to compete with GoPro.
  • GoPro needs some healthy competitions and Sony is the only action camera that can be tied up next to it.

For so many years, have you ever thought of having your own GoPro camera? Well, you don’t have to save more for it because Sony has finally decided to create their own and sell it in a reasonable and friendly price. It’s newest entry in the market, called Sony AS100V could be the perfect camera next to GoPro.

Let’s have a little background on Sony’s new action camera

The Sony Action Camera HDR-AS100V is the latest invention of the company to compete with GoPro. As you all know, Sony’s camera is a light weight, wearable and durable camera that has the ability to record videos up to 1080p and at 60 fps and capture moving images without blurring it.


Why did Sony decided to release it?

Well, GoPro needs some healthy competitions too, and Sony is the only action camera that can be tied up next to it.

Sony’s Action Camera Design

As you’ve noticed, Sony’s AS100V camera is far different from the shape and style of GoPro. It’s more unique, handy yet contains a lot of controls. It’s a rectangle shaped camera with a lens in front and microphones.  At first, you might look at it as a video cam recorder, but if you really check on its feature, you’ll know that it’s one of the best action cameras you could ever have.

Sony is known to provide a lot of good electronic products; from headphones, stereos, television to cellular phones. Most of their products have long been admired by their users, especially the quality of their camera. It’s very good that you can capture images like a professional DSLR camera. The Sony action camera on the other hand really have a good image resolution since it looks more natural than what GoPro can provide. However, it’s still up on your own preference on how you would want your image to look like.


Portraits in Black & White

  • Lightroom presets perfect for black and white portraits
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There is a kind of authenticity when it comes to presenting pictures in black and white. There are photo subjects that looked good in colors, but not all of them would look good in black and white, especially when it’s in portrait form.

Portraits in black and white are quite tricky. Unlike with colors, where you can experiment different shades of hue on top of the other, with black and white, though, you only have to settle with two neutral and seemingly flat colors. But when portrait presets for Lightroom came into the photography scene, that all changed.

These portrait presets for Lightroom brings out the character or your subject. The interplay of black and white on your photo will highlight only one thing, i.e., the aura of your subject. Since you only have to deal with two colors, you essentially present the intangibles from your image that you wouldn’t normally see on a colored one.

LR13 - Copy

Lightroom is perfect for portraits because you can highlight that image in varying degrees, whether increasing its tone and subduing the background or adding special effects to make the subject more prominent, it has tools to make it all possible according to picturechaser cam reviews.

Posting portraits online is in abundance lately. Others, in fact, are already making a living out of it. But it would be quite an advantage if you can post your pictures online after being enhanced with Lightroom. Most often than not, your pictures will stand out from the rest, even if you’re using neutral colors.

So these portrait presets for Lightroom can come in handy anytime. With a lot of presets to choose from, downloadable and free, it wouldn’t be too hard to produce portraits worthy of calling it a “masterpiece” or “a work of art”, even if it’s done in black and white. And as a photo enthusiast, now is the time for you to produce photos that go beyond mere social media posting, but produces photos that stimulate the imagination.

And you can only have that with these portraits presets for Lightroom. Churning out quality black and white photos is not so much a matter of knowing how to improve or enhance your image, your face in that photo, but also knowing what tools you need to have for you to create that perfect black and white portrait image.


Artists Talk – Tomorrow evening – Tues 5th October – Brian Griffin.

A last minute invite – apologies. It’s a goody though.

Brian Griffin: Face to Face
Birmingham City University, Birmingham School of Art
Lecture Theatre, Margaret Street

“Brian Griffin… has had a profound effect on photography in the last 30
years… he creates works of art that leave the viewer mesmerised.”
British Journal of Photography

Birmingham-born photographer, Brian Griffin, is widely acknowledged as one of the most influential British image-makers of recent times. Over the last forty or so years Griffin has enjoyed a career encompassing commercial and fine art photography, film and audio-visual performance. This talk coincides with a major retrospective of Griffin’s work, sponsored by BCU, being shown in Birmingham between 30 September and 21st November. The exhibition and lecture will primarily focus one aspect of his diverse career: portraiture. It will reveal some of the artistic influences on his work, some of the extraordinary people he encountered during his career and his constant efforts to push the boundaries of this traditional photographic genre. Griffin will discuss major projects such as The Water People (2006) tells the mythic tale of an expedition across Iceland, Team Photo (2007) which documents the people who built the high speed rail link to St Pancras, and his recent commission for the 2012 Olympics.

To reserve a place please email sue.rice@bcu.ac.uk or telephone 0121 331 5970