So, Birmingham’s People has a new home!

It’s a natural home for the exhibition – it’s now gracing the downstairs gallery at the newly-opened We Are Birmingham shop, the new independent arts and crafts shop in the city centre.

We love working in partnership with organisations who support creativity in the city. We Are Birmingham is a great collective of folk (and we’re not just saying that because one of our own (Matt Murtagh) is Artistic Director there). We respect and admire their hard work, energy and enthusiasm in helping photographers and other artists find a route to market.

We went in today to check out the finished shop, having been in a few times in the run-up to opening. It’s terrific. Really. There’s a great mix of stock – ranging from items under a pound, to some exquisite jewelry with corresponding prices!

Very well to all the team involved – thank you for hosting our exhibition – and we’re looking forward to working together in the future!