If you’re using Adobe Lightroom for quite a white now, you might notice that there are a lot of ways to simplify the editing process. Moreover, you also know that I am referring to the keys and shortcuts available in the program. Adobe Lightroom is known to be the most useful and effective post-processing tool in the market today. Its goal is to provide great assistance to photographers with their workload. The program has the ability to organize, modify and print hundreds and even thousands of images at once. Since its launch in 2007, a lot of people have decided to switch from Photoshop to Lightroom because they know that it can give them more time in taking pictures instead of modifying images manually.

122In this article, we will talk about how to use shortcuts and other important keys in the program. These shortcuts will help you in doing the tasks faster and will you save time in the editing process. Basically, Adobe Lightroom contains a lot of shortcuts and most of it are already visible on the interface. This article will teach you the easiest shortcuts that are not listed in the program.

Here are the three shortcut features that you need to know and understand:

Straightening Tool Shortcut

For those of you who want to go straight onto the tool, all you need to do is to hold down the control or the Ctrl key and drag the line and cursor anywhere.

Slider Shortcut

To move Lightroom sliders, you only need to control the four arrow keys on your keyboard to control the slider up, down, and sideways and hold down the ALT keys to go to other sliders.

Edit Slideshow Shortcut

In order for you to view images a little bit faster, you have to go to the grid view mode and pick the images that you would want to see. Hold both the Crtl and Enter key to start the slideshow mode.