Photography records the gamut of feelings written on the human face, the beauty of the earth and skies that man has inherited, and the wealth and confusion man has created.  It is a major force in explaining man to man.  – Edward Steichen

What are the aims of the Birmingham Photospace Group?

Birmingham is the second city of England with a population close to a million people yet it has no dedicated public gallery for photography.

This is a situation we intend to change.

The Birmingham Photospace Group is a voluntary organisation dedicated to establishing a permanent space for photography in Birmingham. This space would serve as a home for the photographic community in the city.

It would be a gallery and exhibition space of national and international repute but also a centre of learning for the local community.

The Photospace will build on and support the huge interest in photography in the city, showcase Birmingham’s magnificent photography collections, currently in storage in Central Library, and fill a gap in Birmingham’s visual arts facilities.

Our preferred option would be using a reclaimed industrial building close to the city centre complimenting and commemorating the history of this Victorian industrial city.

The venue would also serve as a hub for the wider creative community in Birmingham. As well as a gallery the building would contain a social networking space, a cafe and educational facilities. It will be a space that is constantly in use by the community, a resource that does not lie empty during the day and remains vibrant at night.

How are we working towards this goal?

The Group consists of a core committee of seven volunteers whose role is to galvanise interested individuals and organisations towards the ultimate aim of creating a world class venue for photography in Birmingham.

The committee meets regularly. We are in the process of applying for National Lottery funding with the aim of conducting feasibility studies as to the location and size of the space. This is a long process but you can read updates on our progress on this website and our blog.

We organise regular events to publicise the campaign. These events are many and varied comprising exhibitions, workshops and competitions. Information regarding all our activities will appear on the site. We are interested in any help you can give,  if you’d like to volunteer to help with any future events, let us know.